Whether designing your first saltwater system or your ultimate dream system, Capital Aquariums is here to help. We use the most efficient, reliable, and innovative equipment in the aquarium hobby to create sustainable and stable ecosystems. We would love to educate you on different types of coral and fish and create something in your home that you will enjoy for years to come.
Design isn't just about what is inside the aquarium, it is about how the aquarium integrates into your home. Let Capital talk you through our design process and come up with something truly beautiful that blends into the uniqueness that is your home.
Aquascaping is the art of creating an underwater reef approximation that we take great pride in. We source the best live rock and have experience with acrylic rods and epoxy to help you achieve the perfect aesthetic you are searching for. Whether you want a minimalist low aquascape so that your Acropora corals can grow to their full potential or a reef wall to showcase your coral collection, Capital can help you.
Looking for the best freshwater stone and hardwood for your freshwater aquascape? Our friends at Aquarium Design Group in Houston bring in the best aquascaping materials in the country and we'd love to create an underwater utopia for you.
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